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Jamesie’s Tweets on 2008-12-15

  • feels like somebody kicked me in the back. this weird cold just will not go away. #
  • wondering if the colts are trying to keep the game close to stress fans out. #
  • also frustrated with the lack of communication between wordpress and facebook. oh well, it’s really late, i should go to sleep. #
  • seriously disappointed that twitter & facebook are not communicating well. update my status with my tweets!!! it’s been 2 days!!! #

Jamesie’s Tweets on 2008-12-13

  • feeling partied out; i know i won’t get to sleep before 2. jon is already fast asleep. even the berkeley is snoring hard. zzzz’s elude me. #
  • starbucks drive-thru=convenience. starbucks drive-thru=wrong drink. starbucks drive-thru=unhappy customer 3 miles down the road. #
  • headed to client Christmas party @ palais royale. #

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