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baby star update

many of you are wondering, or have asked, or have wanted to ask, how things are going. though i realize the most frequently asked question is “do we know the baby’s gender?”

well, we don’t. we’re going old-fashioned and waiting for the big (well tiny) reveal on the birth day. though it wasn’t our choice. Birthmom had a 3-d ultrasound last week. all of us were excited to know what the baby’s gender is, as well as finding out how baby is growing. to our dismay and great laughter, baby star decided to be “shy” or “stubborn”, depending on who you ask. little baby refused to move for the ultrasound tech. little legs were hiding those revealing parts. and little fists covered baby’s face so we didn’t even get a good facial rendering. our baby already has great personality!

so we still don’t know what we’re having! oh well. we’ll learn soon enough.

oh, and our due date has changed. they moved the date to January 17th. that’s 2 weeks later than originally expected. many people are telling us she could still deliver on the 4th and not to hold out for the 17th. but a full 2 week change is a sizable shift, so we’re planning for a mid-January birth now and not an early one. let’s hope we can get out there before baby makes an appearance!

so that’s the update. we have 4 more weeks to go! continue praying for our birthmom’s health, baby’s health and that all things will work out accordingly.

oh, and we will have a Welcome Baby Party on Saturday, February 13th. we love presents! but we’d also love for many of our friends & family to join us that day to meet & greet our new little star!!!

not updating

i want to apologize for our lack of blog posts. it’s not there isn’t anything to blog about. it’s more that life is rather scattered and crazy for us right now. taking the time to blog about anything has been challenging.
also, i’ve been trying to update the look of our blog. i can’t seem to decide what i want or how i want it to look. until then, the look will switch between familiar and random. :)

oh and the question most people seem to ask – have we heard anything about our adoption? well no, not really. we are still waiting. some days are easier than others. and some days we wish people wouldn’t ask if we’ve heard anything. instead, we wish they would say something like “i thought about you and i hope your adoption journey is going well.” simple, yet concerned. it really is out of our control.

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