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Candle Fundraiser Update

As mentioned previously,  we are doing a fundraiser to raise money for our adoption fund for a few weeks in the month of September.  We decided to sell Gold Canyon Candles as our fundraiser so that you can receive something wonderful, while the profits from the sale add to our fund.  It’s unlike a candle party, since what we are earning isn’t free candles, instead, this fundraiser gives us back up to 40% of our total sales.  Also, because this is a fundraiser, the selection of scents and sizes are different than through the normal catalog. 

Please click here to view the sheet with pricing and scent descriptions. If you are unable to open the document, please let us know and we’ll email you the list directly. 

Also, if you would like to share this fundraiser with your friends and other family, please feel free to collect the orders and money for us. J  We will ship the candles directly to you once we receive them, and you can deliver them to your friends.  Another thing to note is that there is no sales tax and there is no shipping fee.  However, if you would like to donate more money for shipping, we would be grateful.  At this point, shipping is coming out of our pockets (well technically whatever profit we would make on the fundraiser), since there isn’t an easy way to determine shipping for those outside of our area.


Any questions, let us know!

So You Want to Know More!

So far our summer has been full and wonderful, as we took a short family vacation with Jamesie’s parents and we’ve been growing our business steadily (so thankful for our new clients).  We look forward to the rest of the year and all that it has to offer professionally and personally.

What this post is really about :: We’re growing our family through adoption and we wanted you to know! From an early part in our marriage we knew adoption was a way we wanted to expand our family.  Well after years of talking about it and waiting on God’s direction, we believe God is telling us to proceed with our adoption plans.

As we’ve been telling people, many similar questions have come up in conversations.  So we thought we’d take the time to answer those most frequently asked.

1)      When is it going to happen?

We are contracted with an adoption attorney.  But, we’re still in the initial stages of completing our profile (a scrapbook-like presentation about who we are, what we do, what our lives are like, that birthmothers can look through to learn about us) and we’re waiting to complete our state-mandated home study.  So it may be a while before we are matched.

2)      What kind of adoption are we doing? 

Domestic Independent – which means we’re trying to adopt within the US through the services of an adoption attorney.  Before matching happens, birthmothers will contact us and after some phone calls, one of them will decide she wants us to raise her baby and if we’re comfortable with the match, then we work towards the birth & placement plan.  We may even get to be present at the baby’s birth!

3)      What kind of child do you want?

Gender is not important to us, but we are requesting that the child have some Asian heritage.  So the baby can be full Asian or part Asian mixed with any ethnicity.  Age-wise we’re hoping for a child under the age of 3.  It is most likely that our child will be a newborn though.

4)      What is Open Adoption? 

Open, on-going relationship between us and our child’s birth family to an agreed upon amount of contact like emails, photos, cards, phone calls and possibly visits.

5)      Aren’t you nervous about Open Adoption?

No, not at all.  We want our child and our child’s birth family to know about each other.  We feel it’s important for everyone, especially our child, to know about their birth family.

6)      How do your parents feel about you adopting?

All of them are excited for us.  We know they will love our children unconditionally, regardless how they come to be part of our family. 

7)      How will Berkeley do with a baby?

Honestly we don’t know.  It will be different for him, since he’s so used to us.  Though when our friends have had their babies over, he just sniffs them and sometimes lays down next to them.  For the most part, he ignores babies.  We doubt he’ll be aggressive, just sulky for a little while. 

8)       Is there anything we can do to help?

Of course. You can be praying for us!  Pray that we have discernment when we speak to birthmothers and exploring potential situations.

And if you’re feeling generous, we’re gladly accepting donations. J  Adoption is expensive, and while our finances are in order, having to come up with large sums of money right away can be stretching.  Any gift, in any amount, is a tremendous blessing to us.  We are trying to receive a matching grant for our fund, so the more we raise, the more we can have matched!  Also, all donations are tax-deductible.

Make a note that we will be doing a fundraiser in September.  We will be selling Gold Canyon candles for a few weeks to add money to our adoption fund.  More information about the candle fundraiser coming soon…  

Feel free to email us questions, comments, whatever about our adoption process. We’re looking forward to being first-time parents and to introducing our child to our friends and family!

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